Implementing your Flipped classroom effortlessly

About us

We are committed to developing learning and teaching tools for students and teachers of Physics at HKDSE. In particular, we are targeting at providing tools for implementing Flipped Classrooms.
The tools that we are developing include simulations, eTextbook, online Quizzes. Simulations are free to the public. We plan to invite some schools in Hong Kong to participate in our pilot scheme. If you are interested in joining the scheme, please contact us.
Online quizzes
Online quizzes provide a pleasant experience for students to assess their knowledge. There are two types: Preview quizzes and Review quizzes.
Preview quizzes
They are designed to implement Flipped Classrooms. One or several days before a lesson, teachers create a preview quiz for a certain topic by collecting questions from our question bank. The quiz is sent to students through email. Students have to preview the topics and take part in the quiz. Answers for the questions will be shown immediately and their scores will be recorded. Students can retry the quiz until all their answers are correct. During the lesson, teacher can show the results of all students to the whole class.